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Jelly belly & sleepless nights!

Experienced Physiotherapist and mum of 4 takes these Physio led pilates exercise classes specifically designed for new mums from 6 weeks after normal delivery or 12 weeks after caesarean delivery, until babies are crawling. (Babies are of course welcome!)


Small friendly classes to provide a safe and expert guided environment where you can exercise safely with your little bundle of joy (pre crawling).



Hope to see you soon, Helen x






Get in touch for the latest term dates and to book on to a course.

The class will be 45 mins of Physio led Pilates exercises, focusing on regaining flexibility, mobility and most importantly strength and stbaility after all the expansion your body has had to go through!


These classes are designed to get you back to feeling more like you and a great stepping stone to be able to do further exercise or more advanced classes if you want.


There will also be 15 mins at the end of the class for a chat, to be able support each other, feed / change your baby and have a drink before you go on your way feeling much better!